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The application of novel technology in the sector of processing of agricultural and food products results an important pathway for the development of “healthy” enterprise activities and achievement of competitive advantage. This especially applies in countries where the productive basis of the economy is related strongly to  agricultural activities like in Mediterranean basin countries including Greece.

Furthermore the eco treatment of the wastes coming from the agro- food industries with the purpose of total discharge of them with simultaneous   production of valuable products reduces the negative environmental fingerprint of these activities and is the appropriate technique which comes in line with the uprising trend for intensive environmental protection. Additionally, this approach by involving the right design and planning,  can lead to additional benefits for the enterprise community and for the local society.

The search of non conventional solutions for sustainable agricultural development which includes the production of new products of high added value with uses related to the up to date requirements for healthier diet including consumption of bioactive natural substances with benefits to human health can be also a pole of potential development and creation of high revenue.

The aim of this website is to disseminate and inter- communicate the potential of novel entrepreneurship oriented to be based on strong bonds between the academic community and enterprises as well as with the farming community. Furthermore, through the communication and dissemination of the activities of Food and Biosystems Engineering Lab-FABE Lab of Biosystems Engineering Dept. of Technological Educational Institute of Larissa and  the demonstration of the outcome of its parallel activities of issuing an International Electronic Journal and organizing a Circular International Congress on Food and Biosystems Engineering is expected to act as a stand for communication and interrelation with the enterprise world and productive sectors as well as with worldwide academia in order to be achieved:

  • Transfer of know - how for novel technologies (Transfer of Innovation)
  • Appropriate solutions & consulting for production problems through research projects
  • Scale up of the pilot plant tested production of new high added products at industrial scale.
  • International Networking

In conclusion, the central aim of the present website is to add on and improve  the social impact of the academic community and to upgrade at the same time the educational product offered to the students of the Biosystems Engineering Dept. of TEI Larissa.


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