Main topics of Food Engineering:

  • Food Materials and Rheology
  • Advances in Food Process Engineering
  • Engineering of Novel Food Process
  • Food Product Engineering and Functional Foods
  • Food and Agricultural Waste Engineering
  • Advances in Food Packaging and Preservation
  • Modelling and Control of Food Process
  • C.F.D. applications in Food Engineering. Novel Aspects of Food Safety and Quality
  • Nano and microencapsulation in Food and Agriculture
  • Engineering and Mechanical Properties of Food
  • Sustainability aspects in food and agricultural engineering

Main topics of Biosystems Engineering:

  • Extraction Technology for natural antioxidants and Phytochemical
  • Industrial Fermentations and Biotechnology
  • Advanced Greenhouse Technologies
  • Precision Agriculture and Variable Rate Irrigation
  • Water and Wastewater Management and Irrigation Engineering. Novel Bioremediation Technologies
  • Automation – Robotics and Geo-information novelty in Bio-system Engineering
  • Multi Criteria Decision Analysis, Remote Sensing, GIS and Fuzzy Logic Modelling
  • Biosensor Engineering and Applications
  • Wastewater and Sludge Reuse from Food, Agricultural and other Industries
  • Pollution of natural resources Ecotoxicology, Transport and fate of pollutants and Environmental health
  • Biomass (plant production, pellets, biodiesel, bioethanol, advanced biofuels, etc), Photovoltaic (solar cell) and Aeolian (Wind) Energy engineering
  • Life cycle analysis in the Biosystems Engineering
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