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The Laboratory of Food & Biosystems Engineering (FABE Lab) of TEI Larissa is incorporated in the structure of Biosystems Engineering Dept. of the School of Agricultural Technology of TEI Larissa and supports the teaching and research aims of the Department.

It was founded in 2008 and it is accommodated in  modern industrial type premises of 250 m2 total area and it is well equipped  with modern machinery and apparatus and its personnel holds high academic qualifications in the topic of Food and Biosystems Engineering .

The mission of the Laboratory is, not excluding the teaching of a series of subjects related to the subject of the Food and Agricultural Industries Engineering and to Biosystems Engineering in general, the conduction of advanced research in novel sectors related to the same areas including at least the following cutting edge technology topics:

  • Membrane technology and its applications in the concentration of liquid foods and in isolation of bioactive substances of high added value.

  •  Super critical extraction technology

  • Spray drying

  • Freeze drying

  • Advanced Separation technology employing macro porous resins and industrial chromatography for isolation of high added value bioactive compounds.

  • High pressure processing/pasteurization & sterilization of Food and Agricultural products

  • Pulsing electric field (PEF) technology for food processing

  • Micro- and nano-encapsulation of bioactive compounds for utilization in food and pharmaceutical applications.

  • Food and Agricultural Industry and agro based Bio-wastes utilization technologies towards production of high added value products.

  • Industrial fermentations for waste treatment and production of high added value products.

  • Essential oil production technologies by conventional distillation or novel techniques.

  • Applications of Cutting edge instrumental analysis techniques for food and agricultural products analysis.